Overview Abode’s Home Building Process

Step 1

  • Consultation

  • When you want to start the process of building your own custom home we invite you to meet with the Abode In House Design Team to put together your design ideas and budget. We start with the basics such as the style of home ie: ranch, 2 story etc.

    Then we ask how many bedrooms and baths you will need and the price point you want to stay within.

Step 2

  • Determine Lot

  •  When building a new home, the lot is very important as it will determine the location of the home, school district, nearness to work and entertainment.

    We also find out what your needs are inside the home as well as your wants. Our consultants can help you balance your must-haves with ‘nice-to-haves’ to keep the home within your budget.

Step 3

  • Home Plans

  •  Once we determine a more in depth picture of what you’ve envisioned, we then can provide a pre-designed home plan that can have simple changes made to it or we start from scratch with a completely custom home.

    Our process then becomes the design of the home by our architect, this step may include a non-refundable design deposit.

Step 4

  • Design Review

  •  Once we have a design that we feel will match your vision, we present the design and make any necessary changes you may find.

    Revisions will may be limited depending on your desired budget.

    Once your revisions are made to the plans, you will give formal approval of your future home’s design plan.  This begins the proposal process.

Step 5

  • Proposal Stage

  • Once a plan design is approved we move forward with presenting a proposal based on the costs of building the home as well as specific wants you may have such as granite counter tops, hard wood flooring, whirlpool tub, etc.

    After the proposal is adjusted to reflect your final needs and wants, the proposal is approved and a contract is signed.

Step 6

  • Build Begins

  • With the proposal accepted, we start with purchasing the lot (if it is a location that is not owned by Abode) or we start the process of building the home on our own lot in one of our developments.

    Now that your dream home is in progress, you will work with a Project Manager at Abode who will communicate with you during the build process.