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Excavation Services

We can service any area Contractor or Construction Company with Excavation, Earth Moving and Site preparation Services.

Site Preparation

The most important part of any project is the site preparation. At this stage we have studied all aspects of the project to remove any constraints before the work is started. This first step ensures that we complete the project efficiently and economically.

Clearing & Earthmoving

The removal of trees/rocks and other debris and excess dirt is relatively quick. We want development to start as soon as possible.


It is important that this step is accurate in order for proper placement of sewer installation or utilities. We use a local engineering company to survey and map these areas to achieve accuracy.


Rough grading and final grading are done to the project specifications. Soil is restructured and compacted to the correct density.

You Can Trust Our Site Prep Experts

Abode Excavation Services:

  • Water and drain installation
  • Septic tank system installation
  • Basement and foundation digging
  • Landscaping for all needs and all sizes of projects
  • Grading and trenching
  • New construction and developments
  • Backhoe and bulldozer services

Our Difference

Digging. Loading. Moving. Grading.

Will Abode Excavation work with me even if I don’t choose Abode Construction for my build? Absolutely.

Abode Excavation has the equipment and the manpower to get your job done.

Local talent, local experience. Interested in joining our Excavation Team?

“…Many times we heard how difficult it was to build and all the issues we would have to overcome. Our experience was fantastic and any problems we had were dealt with promptly and efficiently. In the very beginning the electricians contacted us and recommended additional lighting in the basement and they were right. We are happy we listened to them. They even took time move the lighting in the dining room to make sure it was exactly where we wanted it. “
Site Manager
“Best decision I have made! They are so easy to work with and very accommodating. I have had a great, stress-free experience and they still support my never ending questions. I love my condo 🙂
They are the best people to deal with! They do what they say and have great follow thru.
I have the Lansing floor plan and I love it. I love the windows they install way up high. Brings in so much natural light. That was a great idea!!!”