Builder’s Tip: When the Iowa weather treats us to hot and humid air, there are steps you can take to reduce your energy bills. Make sure to keep your blinds closed during the day when you are running your air conditioner to help keep your home cool. Set the temperature of your thermostat within 15 degrees or less of the outside temperature so your air conditioner can keep up, keep ceiling fans running so the air will circulate in your home.

Basements are always cooler in the summer – use your space to your advantage.  A family room in a lower level can be a respite from the muggy air and a finished space adds value to your home.

Consider finishing off your lower level for added living space or a guest room.

You can call Abode for a free quote on finishing a living space in the lower level of your home today!


Our team has helped many homeowners upgrade their space with a finished basement, lower level complete with egress windows and landscaping to provide a complete look.

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